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Shea Darian
has inspired parents, teachers & caregivers with tools to nurture healthy families for over 20 years. Gilead Press books, greeting cards and a cappella cds equip parents, teachers and caregivers with practical tools to meet the joys and challenges of parenting in the 21st century. It's our way of helping to change the world for good - one parent, one child, one family at a time.

Read Shea's article, "Forever After: Helping Children Reconnect with Loved Ones Who Die" ~ Lilipoh Magazine, Spring 2012 (PDF LINK)

ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist 2012

Sanctuaries of Childhood is a gold medal winner in the "Next Generation Book Awards" and was named as a finalist in the "ForeWord Book of the Year," "USA Book News" and "National Indie Excellence" Book Awards

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Gilead Press 602-315-8480 or Email

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Award-winning book on Rites of Passage

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Wordplay by Shea ~ Greeting Cards
(written in Shea's birth name, c.d. bagbey)

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"Motherhood" Greeting Card by Shea Darian. All rights reserved.

"Lover's Hands" Greeting Card by Shea Darian. All rights reserved.

Changing the World One Family at a Time

Gilead Press Books & CDs by Shea Darian
Inspired Resources for Parents, Teachers & Caregivers

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